Addendum (February 01, 2009)

In reference to the winners of the 2008 Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence (see CA, December 2008), it has come to our attention that, at the time of submission to our magazine, the client who initially commissioned Patkau Architects Inc. to design Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church had no intention to build the proposal. Therefore, according to the rules of eligibility clearly expressed on the 2008 entry form for the Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence, the submitted design is considered ineligible and will not receive an Award of Excellence. While Patkau Architects Inc. were initially commissioned by the client on November 21, 2007 to produce the design recognized by the jury, the contract between the client and architect was mutually terminated on April 15, 2008–several months before the submission deadline for our awards program. It should be noted that the friendly termination of the agreement was due to the fact that, in the opinion of the Parish Building Committee, the design “did not meet the parish requirements with respect to the design of a ‘traditional’ Catholic church and the architect was not prepared to modify his position sufficiently beyond the presentation of a ‘contemporary’ church.” Since a new design by another architect for Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church has been released into the public realm, Canadian Architect regrets causing any confusion for the parish, the client, and the general community of Port Coquitlam, BC.