ABB2006: Second Architecture Biennial Beijing

ABB2006 marks the first time in architectural history that China has hosted such a large multi-professional exhibition and forum. Organized by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Culture, the biennial runs from September 26-October 6, 2006. The main theme is “City and Architecture: Resources Efficiency and Environment Friendliness,” and the show will focus on the connections between urban planning and architectural design.

The participants will study and discuss the policies and solutions premised mainly on the economy and management of resources. They will also focus on the environmental friendliness of buildings in the city, the differences between urban and rural construction, and will forecast the developments of cities in the 21st century.

ABB2006 is critical gathering of architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, estate developers, students, and decision-makers from governmental sectors from around the world. It is a chance to meet professionals from different disciplines and to learn about the latest developments in architecture and urban planning.

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