AAPPQ + AFG celebrate progress in Quebec’s procurement debate

The Association des Architectes en pratique privée du Québec (AAPPQ) and the Association des firmes de génie-conseil – Québec (AFG) applaud the recent decision by the Minister for Integrity in Public Procurement and for Information Resources, Robert Poëti, to withdraw the draft regulation amending the Regulation respecting certain service contracts of public bodies. The news follows the AAPPQ and AFG’s protest of the proposed procurement amendment, which the organizations argued strongly favoured lowest bidders over quality.

AAPPQ , AFG, procurement
The Quebec parliament, where new procurement rules are now being reconsidered and amended. Photo by Tony Webster via Wikimedia Commons.

The two associations also welcome the creation of a subcommittee within the framework of Forum d’échanges sur les contrats des organismes publics dans le domaine de la construction (exchange forum on public contracts in the construction sector), whose mandate will be to analyze and revise the way in which public contracts for professional services are awarded.

“Backed by dozens of organizations and experts, our two associations were able to successfully convey our concerns to the minister and his ministry,” said Lyne Parent, Executive Director of AAPPQ, and André Rainville, President and CEO of AFG. “The magnitude of the response showed that a broader consultation was in order, and the minister clearly got the message”.

“We would also like to recognize the minister for being open to discussion. Through our conversations it became clear that we shared the same desire to strike a balance between fair pricing and optimal quality”.

AAPPQ and AFG will actively participate in the subcommittee formed by Minister Poëti to guide preparation of a new draft regulation. The subcommittee will be composed of representatives of Association des Architectes en pratique privée du Québec, Association des firmes de génie-conseil, the main public contracting authorities, and Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor. Work is to begin in the coming weeks.