A new look and new functions for the 20th century architectural heritage website

In 1999, a collaborative effort was instigated between the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Direction of Architecture and Heritage DAPA), the French National Centre for Scientific Research (UMR-CNRS 694 MAP), and the International Union of Architects for the development of an Internet project dedicated to the architectural heritage of the 20th century.

The goal of the project was to create a catalogue of the architectural realizations around the world that marked the 20th century, spotlighting the work carried out in this area by the UIA’s Member Sections. A joint website using indexing and search engines was made available online in 2002. To ensure the evolution and enrichment of this site, a new cooperation agreement was signed in June 2008, including DoCoMoMo along with the original signatories. The committee responsible for developing the site reviewed its possibilities and functionalities and asked the designers (l’UMR-CNRS 694 MAP) to elaborate a new version.

The updated version of the website was officially unveiled in Turin on June 30, 2008, during the UIA congress. This launch was attended by Gaetan Siew, UIA President at the time, Louise Cox, UIA Vice-President (and now current President), Sara Topelson de Grinberg, UIA Past President, Jean Gautier, Director of Architecture in France and Maristella Casciato, President of DoCoMoMo.

The new version of the website offers a simplified indexation system, a more attractive and dynamic visual interface, advanced research possibilities, and new functionalities such as the possibility to attach PDF files and URL addresses to descriptions and to access data in several forms and formats. Users can now find information through a timeline and test their knowledge in an interactive quiz.

All the UIA Member Sections are encouraged to contribute to this project by adding relevant edifices to the website. Please visit the beta version of the new website at http://www.archi.fr/UIA2/

For more information, please contact uia@archi.fr