7th Annual National Precast Day

Canadian Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) announces the 7th Annual National Precast Day. The event will take place across Canada on a specific day between October 4th 8th, 2004.

CPCI’s National Precast Day is a national (open house plant tour of precast plants across Canada). The open house effectively demonstrates how precast is manufactured under rigorous quality controls and shows the many benefits of building with precast concrete.

This year’s theme is Get Out Our Local General Contractors. As always, professors and students from universities, colleges and technical schools related to the construction industry will be invited along with all other construction professionals (architects, general contractors, design-build contractors, facilities officers, specification writers, owners/developers, engineers and consultants).

Visit CPCI at www.cpci.ca to find your nearest participating precast plant and the date and time of the National Precast Day in your area.

For more information contact Mr. Brian J. Hall at 877.937.2724 or 613.232.5139, or by e-mail at bhall@cpci.ca.