752 A332 IN, JOSEPH ALBERS at the University of Manitoba’s ARCH 2 Gallery

This exhibition of interactive colour works by Bauhaus educator and artist Joseph Albers is comprised of two parts: a film by Professor of Architecture Herb Enns that compiles Albers’ 165 Homage to the Square screenprints produced between 1961 and 1975; and a lithograph, SP V111 1967 from the Gallery 1.1.1., School of Art Collection. This body of work, augmenting Albers’ Homage to the Square paintings, was executed over a period of 14 years beginning after his retirement from Yale at age 70. The film compresses 14 years of screenprint production into 7 minutes. Albers’ chromatic cadences reveal a vast range of associations, moods, and spatial dynamics.

The name of the exhibition, 752 A332 IN, is the call number of the Albers’ folio, INTERACTIVE COLOR that is part of the collection of the Architecture/Fine Arts Library. This exhibition is intended to both draw attention to the incredible collection of the Architecture/Fine Arts Library and also to reacquaint and introduce students and others to this extremely important work by Albers.

The exhibition runs from November 25 to December 09, 2004 at the ARCH 2 Gallery of the University of Manitoba. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am 4:30pm. The gallery is grateful for the support of the Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund. In addition, this exhibition is made possible through the support of Mary Lochhead (Architecture/Fine Arts Head Librarian), Robert Epp (Gallery 1.1.1. School of Art), Oliver Botar (School of Art), Dennis Faraci, Robbin Watson and PLUGIN ICA. 752 A332 IN is organized by Herb Enns, Rodney Latourelle and Neil Minuk. For more information contact Neil Minuk at 204.294.0585.