28th International Chair Exhibition in Udine, Italy

From September 10-13, 2004, this exhibition in Udine features a number of displays and programs, whose primary objective is to provide a wide choice of quality product to meet the needs of a developing integrated market. This year’s experimental Laboratorio Luce (Lighting Workshop) explores lighting for hotels, theatres and restaurants. The exhibition also includes the Top Ten Award, the Caiazza Memorial Challenge, Inch-air and ABC Chairs 1994-2004.The 15-year old Top Ten Award invites exhibitors to submit models innovative in form and technique. A prestigious international panel of judges will select winners in two categories of contract and residential market products. During the first two days of the exhibition, journalists, architects and designers will also be able to vote for the Contract Chair of the Year and the Residential Chair of the Year.Promoted by Promosedia, Inch-air is an experimental project involving students from three Italian design schools: the Faculty of Design at the Milan Polytechnic, the Faculty of Design and Arts at the IUAV in Venice, and the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Naples. Each school has been asked to submit 10 original chair designs. The participating students will work under the supervision of noted lecturers. Up to five of the designs will be selected and paired with famous manufacturers in the chair industry to transform their designs into prototypes.The well-established Caiazza Memorial Challenge International Design Competition is in its 8th year and brings students in contact with manufacturers while providing manufacturers with the benefit of innovative and fresh ideas from students. Students, architects and designers under 40 years of age are invited to submit innovative ideas on seating (preferably wood) within an industrialized context. The competition is open to all countries of the European Continent. An invited group of three European furniture designers under the age of 40 will be able to use noted prototype makers of the Chair District to realize their designs: Christophe de la Fontane of Luxembourg, Patrick Frey and Markus Boge of Germany, and Gaetano Ceschia and Federico Mentil of Italy.ABC Chairs 1994-2004 traces 10 years of design culture’s evolution. George Nelson, the famous American furniture designer, once wrote that each original idea, each innovative design aspect, each new use of material and each technical invention in the furnishing field displays its important characteristics through chairs. The chair’s relationship to man surpasses that of any other piece of furniture. Chairs serve as symbols, often mirroring aspects of society. Moreover, artists and designers have always considered the chair as an ideal model of experimentation of language and behaviour. During the last half century in particular, new technology and materials have led to an incredible variety of new chair forms. Thus, the history of chairs may be seen as the synthesis of design evolution and furniture production techniques. This exhibit presents this development in a vast display of the most innovative chairs manufactured in the past decade. A comprehensive catalogue will include critical essays, the chronological order of all the chairs exhibited and profiles of the designers and the individual manufacturing companies involved.