2030 Challenge website features Canadian projects

Architecture Canada | RAIC is hosting a website to highlight projects that meet and exceed the 2030 Challenges. Visit and see how the first two projects perform. Check back as the site is updated with new buildings and the information that makes each a contender.

As we approach the year 2030, the challenge to build net zero energy becomes more technically challenging and complex, as well as more achievable. The amount of available wind, solar and tidal energy has always been abundant; the technology to harness renewable energy systems advances daily.

The 2030 Challenge proposes targets for the energy consumption of new buildings. Beginning in 2005, when the Challenge was issued – all new buildings were to be designed to consume 50% less fossil fuel energy for buildings of that type in the region.

The buildings featured in the website are the best energy-efficient commercial buildings that have been constructed in Canada so far. Every project featured has been included because of the commitment made by its owner, the builder and the entire design team to create a building that reduces or eliminates its consumption of resources. Success is measured by the building’s energy use index; it can also be measured by the satisfaction and enthusiasm of every individual using or inhabiting the building.

These case-study buildings have taken the first step to becoming energy-neutral; their building envelopes are as efficient as possible and the implications and realities of net zero energy have been considered. The next step is to integrate renewable energy systems into the majority of new and existing buildings.

If you are involved with the design, construction or conception of a building in Canada that deserves to be included, your participation in this initiative is welcome. By showing information and technology, the challenge becomes more achievable.

For more information, please visit http://2030.raic.org/index_e.htm.