2015 CUI Brownie Awards winners announced

Queen Richmond Centre West won by Sweeney &Co Architects won best overall building in the 2015 CUI Brownie Awards
Queen Richmond Centre West designed by Sweeny&Co Architects won best overall building in the 2015 CUI Brownie Awards. Photo via UrbanToronto.com

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) in collaboration with FCM Green Municipal Fund and the Canadian Brownfields Network would like to congratulate the 2015 CUI Brownie Award winning projects and/or programs:

REPROGRAM Legislation, Policy & Procurement

  • City of Vancouver Metropolitan Core Jobs & Economy Land Use Plan, Vancouver, BC

This 3-year planning initiative created a long-term land use policy plan to affirm and enhance the Vancouver Metro Core as a hub for economic activity and job growth. It helped to halt the rapid conversion of office sites to residential and provided impetus for new types of commercial investment and redevelopment in the downtown.

REMEDIATE Sustainable Remediation & Technological Innovation

  • Mississauga Road LID Pilot Project, Region of Peel, ON

Low impact development (LID) is a green infrastructure approach to storm water management that uses simple, cost-effective landscape features and construction techniques to infiltrate and evaporate rainfall where it falls. The Region of Peel adopted an LID approach to the construction and rehabilitation of the area’s regional roads and this road project was the first of its kind in the GTA.

REINVEST Financing, Risk Management & Partnerships

  • City of Edmonton’s Brownfield Redevelopment Grant Program, Edmonton, AB

Edmonton’s grant program, developed over four years by councillors and staff, targets site remediation costs, to reduce this barrier to launching redevelopment of contaminated sites. To qualify for 100% funding, projects must aspire to achieving LEED Silver slver status. The 6-year agreements preserve municipal revenue by earmarking only the uplift necessary to fund grant payment.

REBUILD Project Development: Building Scale

  • 151 West Hastings Street, Ormidale Block, Vancouver, BC

The renewal of 151 West Hastings is a creative reuse of a heritage building that incorporates new high efficiency amenities to create a restored, green space to work.  The project redefines the rear alley/frontage condition by having a dual façade – restoring the building to its 1900s heritage character while also adapting to the changing streetscape.

RENEW Project Development: Neighbourhood Scale

  • Meridian Centre, St Catharines, ON

The 5,300 seat, 146,535SF multi-purpose spectator facility is located in the heart of downtown St. Catharines. Built on a landfill site, the Meridian Centre has been a key factor in revitalizing the core by bringing people back to the City’s main street and into its many commercial storefronts and restaurants.

REACH OUT Communications, Marketing & Public Engagement

  • Zibi, Windmill Development Group, Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC

Zibi is a sustainable community and redevelopment project located on an island in the middle of the Ottawa river on what was a dormant but heavily contaminated site. Backed by the vision of the Westeinde brothers and their partners, Zibi has attracted the support of numerous local and regional ecological groups and green tech companies. The development will revive the area, and utilize the incredible potential of the 37 acre property, for nearly 4 million SF of total development.


  • Grant Walsom

Grant Walsom is a senior partner at XCG Consulting Ltd. and Director, Canadian Brownfields Network. His recent advocacy activities with the Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) and the CBN combined with his ongoing daily environmental consulting service work demonstrates his spirit and devotion to advancing the environmental industry and urban redevelopment best practices.

Best Overall Building Scale

  • Queen Richmond Centre West Commercial Office Project, Toronto, ON

Located in Toronto’s entertainment district, this project integrates two existing century-old garment factory buildings to create a new 17-story, LEED Gold office building. The project is a model of urban intensification, featuring the modernization of historic buildings, together with the construction of a new mixed-use complex that provides a high quality working environment.

Best Overall Neighbourhood Scale

  • Queens Quay Revitalization, Toronto, ON

Queens Quay is one of Toronto’s most important public spaces. Its revitalization transformed 1.7 kilometres of the main waterfront street into a showpiece water-edge boulevard with improved pedestrian, cycling and transit facilities.  It was a complete rebuild of the street both above and below ground – new and upgraded municipal storm and sanitary infrastructure replaced the old services and included management of contaminated soils.

Best Overall

  • Technopôle Angus, Montreal, QC

Technopôle is a multi-phase development project situated on a historic industrial site in Montreal’s famous Mont-Royal Plateau (formerly home to Canadian Pacific’s Angus Shops rail facilities). It is one of the first employment-focused developments and one of the largest social housing locations in Quebec. 500,000SF of development has already been completed and 1million SF of development is still to come.

The Canadian Brownfields Network was also recognized for its achievements over the past decade.