2014 World Conference on Timber Engineering

The 2014 World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2014) to be held August 10-14, 2014 in Quebec City, the birthplace of Canada’s wood industry.

WCTE is the most prestigious international event in timber engineering, engineered wood products and design of timber structures, which is held biannually in different parts of the world and attracts researchers, engineers and architects, code consultants and building officials, contractors and project managers, fabricators and suppliers from all continents.

Timber construction has a rich history. We are rediscovering what our predecessors had accomplished and we are striving to surpass their level of ingenuity by capitalizing on the past achievements and modern wood-based products and systems, design tools and technology developed at the forefront of the research, design and construction communities. 

The conference co-host is the annual Forest Products Society International Convention, the premier event for professionals in the forest products industry. The convention brings together hundreds of scientists, design professionals, managers, decision makers, and others from academia, government, nonprofit, and private industry sectors to discuss the state of forest products research and learn about innovations in the field. Attended by Forest Products Society members and non-members, the Convention is the perfect venue to build new professional connections with top researchers from around the world and reconnect with colleagues and friends in the field.

Gather and disseminate the latest information on innovative timber construction, and demonstrate how to use wood to design better and become a wood champion. Develop greater collaboration between stakeholders focusing their agendas on environmentally responsible and sustainable construction. Motivate engineering and architecture students and junior professionals to work in the spirit of innovation and respect to the heritage and the best practices

WCTE 2014 will take place in the Quebec City Convention Centre located in the heart of the World Heritage city across from the Parliament Building and a few steps from tourist attractions. 

For more information, please visit www.wcte2014.ca.