2014 Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class

The 14th annual Glenn Murcutt Architecture Master Class will take place in Australia next July at Riversdale, the Boyd Education Centre on the shores of the Shoalhaven River south of Sydney. The now famous event has attracted practicing architects, academics, postgraduates and some senior students from 70 nations around the world since its inception in 2001. The two-week residential program consists of a design-based studio, led by Pritzker Prize Laureate Glenn Murcutt and other eminent architects and teachers Richard Leplastrier, Brit Andresen, Peter Stutchbury and former Dean of Architecture at the University of Newcastle in Australia, Lindsay Johnston. The studio program is supported by tutorials, lectures, and guided tour visits to significant buildings by the “masters.” 

“As an architect, seeking professional mentorship becomes more and more difficult as one moves beyond one’s own academic training. The Murcutt Master Class is a rare and invaluable opportunity to find such mentorship and fraternity. The experience will exceed your expectations and give you a rare and indelible opportunity to participate in something truly remarkable. Glenn Murcutt, Brit Andresen, Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury and Lindsay Johnston provide you a rare glimpse into the meaning, power and necessity for architecture. This truly is a rare experience, which will forever shape you as an architect.”

–Self-employed practitioner and part-time academic tutor, AIA, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Applications are now being accepted. For full details, program, cost, application form, please visit www.ozetecture.org. The Architecture Foundation Australia is a not-for-profit organization.