2010 Walkable Cities poster design competition

The Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) invites submissions for this year’s poster design competition to promote and raise awareness around “walkability.” The purpose of the competition is to produce an image that draws attention to the value of pedestrian-oriented design in cities, and that illustrates how a culture of walking can enhance economic, social, and ecological sustainability. Fostering a robust culture of walking will make daily life in the city healthier, richer, and more enjoyable. Creating spaces for sustainable and active modes of transportation on city streets is essential, through streets, public spaces, and environments that promote walking, cycling, and transit. The focus of this competition is “how to foster a public realm which promotes walking and thus leads to a more sustainable city environment.”

The competition is open to everyone, including students and professional artists. Participants must register by April 13, 2010. Cash prizes include a $1,000 first prize; a $600 second prize; and a $400 third prize. Submissions are due by April 20, 2010 – only electronic submissions will be accepted. Designs may use any form of photography, illustration, collage or typography, provided no copyrights are violated in the design. Intellectual property rights (copyright and moral rights) of the poster design submissions will remain with the designers. Posters must be A1 size (594 x 841 mm or 23.4 x 33.1 inches). Judging is scheduled for April 27, 2010.

Full details about the competition, including a copy of the competition brief, are available on the TSA website at www.torontosocietyofarchitects.ca/?q=node/94 or by writing to poster@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca.

Announcements and exhibition of winners will be made at the Toronto the Good party, which will take place in May. The TSA will announce a list of exhibition venues at this time as well. Interested parties and sponsors should contact the TSA at tsa@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca. Competition sponsors are Astley-Gilbert and the Public Realm Section, Transportation Services, City of Toronto.