2008 Heritage Poster Design Competition: Third Annual Competition to Celebrate and Raise Awareness of Toronto’s Heritage

The Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) in association with the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) and Heritage Toronto invites entrants for its 2008 Poster Design Competition. The purpose of the competition is to generate an image that draws attention to the value of Toronto’s historic, built environment and illustrates how it might be protected and reused through environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial and innovative solutions. Cash prizes will be awarded to the three top winners.

“This competition is based on the idea that protecting our heritage resources buildings, structures, landscapes, and neighbourhoods is fundamentally about enhancing the meaning and quality of life, maintaining a unique sense of place, supporting the cultural and economic vitality of our cities, and improving the health and sustainability of the environments we inhabit,” says Antonio Gmez-Palacio, Chair of the TSA. “The posters created through this competition will be used to generate public awareness of heritage conservation through exhibits, promotions, and printed materials.”

Competition Sponsors include Astley-Gilbert, City of Toronto, Festival of Architecture and Design (fAd), Toronto the Good, Spacing magazine and JIM Media Inc. Additional sponsors are welcome.

The competition is open to everyone, including students and professional artists. Participants must register by May 7, 2008, and submissions are due by May 12, 2008. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Designs may use any form of photography, illustration, collage, or typography, provided no copyrights are violated in the design. Intellectual property rights (copyright and moral rights) of the poster design submissions will remain with the designers. Posters must be A1 size (594 x 841 mm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches).

Judging is scheduled for May 20, 2008.

Full details about the competition, including a copy of the competition brief, are available by writing to: poster@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca.

Announcements and exhibition of winners will be made at the Toronto the Good festival, which is taking place on Tuesday, May 27, 2008. The TSA will announce a list of exhibition venues at this time as well. Interested parties and sponsors should contact JIM Media Inc. at 905.276.4090 or tsa@jim-media.com.