2007 International Bamboo Building Design Competition

Bamboo Technologies of Maui has launched the first International Design Competition for Structural Bamboo Buildings. Some of the winning entries will be chosen for manufacture by the world’s premier builder of international building code approved bamboo homes.

The competition is open to architects, builders, designers and students anywhere in the world. Registration is online at www.bamboocompetition.com, and the registration deadline is December 31, 2006. The submission deadline January 15, 2007. Winners will be announced March 15, 2007.

This competition has been created to develop new award-winning designs for bamboo buildings, raise awareness of the use of certified structural bamboo for building code approved structures, and introduce architects, designers and builders to working with bamboo as a structural material.

There are design categories for different types of bamboo buildings, and winners will be chosen in each design category, such as family housing, urban buildings, emergency shelters, commercial buildings and even tree houses.

Competition sponsors include Bamboo Technologies, INBAR (International Network of Bamboo and Rattan) and the International Bamboo Foundation. Juries of architects, experts and notable people are being selected for relevant categories.

Awards are $5,000 for overall first prize, $3,000 for second and $2,000 for third. Winning designs have the opportunity to be commercially built by Bamboo Technologies, with royalties paid to the designer. Awards include inclusion in a planned book on bamboo buildings and free stay in a bamboo house on Maui.

Bamboo is the next green building evolution, and this giant grass is a renewable, restorative and versatile building material. Structural bamboo has been certified for international building codes the first time bamboo has ever been code certified.

Now this certified structural bamboo material is available for use by architects and engineers throughout the world. The competition encourages architects to apply their creativity to design new buildings with this ancient building material.

Bamboo Technologies (BT) began in 1995, borne from bamboo’s superior ability to create biomass and replenish the earth’s oxygen supply, while creating high-quality, beautiful structural material. Vietnam was chosen for the first factory because of its history of managing sustainable bamboo forests and fine craftsmanship.

Having built over 50 bamboo homes and buildings in Hawaii and the South Pacific, Bamboo Living Homes are coming to the mainland USA. Twenty house models have been designed and engineered in Hawaii and manufactured in Vietnam.

Homebuyers can choose from a range of homes, studios, guesthouses, pavilions and gazebos. Bamboo home designs use many interchangeable parts and can readily be adapted, expanded, connected, disassembled or moved. Custom design is available for any size project. Homebuyers can view an online gallery of home models and can select sizes, floor plans, options, costs, details and finishes, then preview steps and procedures to purchase a bamboo home at www.bambooliving.com.

BT designs, engineers and produces bamboo buildings, translating ideas and concepts into sketches, architectural plans and CAD drawings. BT offers architectural consultation to architects and engineers on their building projects using structural bamboo.

Building Code Certified Structural Bamboo In November 2004, Bamboo Technologies received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service that its structural bamboo poles used in Bamboo Living Homes comply with the provisions of International Building Codes. This is the first time a species of bamboo has been approved as a structural building material in the International Building Code System. Since then, permitted bamboo homes have been approved and built all over the Hawaiian Islands and in 2006 will be available for the USA mainland and internationally.

For more information, please visit www.bamboocompetition.com or e-mail info@bamboocompetition.com.