2006 Power Corporation of Canada Award recipients announced

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) bestowed the 2006 Power Corporation of Canada Award on Edward J. Martin of the University of Waterloo, Catherine Vandermeulen of McGill University, and Nancy Wilson of the University of Toronto. Intended for students enrolled in Master of Architecture programs across Canada, this award offers recipients a 3-month residency at the CCA in which to undertake a common research project during and benefit from the collections and resources of the institution, in the company of the international fellows and scholars at the Study Centre. To this end, a $7,000 stipend is offered to each recipient.

The jury was composed of Giovanna Borasi, CCA Curator of Contemporary Architecture; Brigitte Desrochers, Architecture Officer, Canada Council for the Arts; Andr Guillerme, Mellon Senior Fellow at the CCA Study Centre; Phyllis Lambert, CCA Founding Director and Chair of the Board of Trustees; Alexis Sornin, Associate Head, Study Centre; and Mirko Zardini, Director of the CCA.

Born in Thunder Bay, Edward J. Martin has received numerous awards for outstanding achievement during his studies at the University of Waterloo, where he recently completed a Masters in Architecture.

Originally from Belgium, Catherine Vandermeulen trained as a geographer and urban planner at McGill University and the University of Ottawa, respectively, before undertaking a Masters in Architecture at McGill University.

Nancy Wilson is completing her training as an architect at the University of Toronto following interdisciplinary studies at the University of British Columbia.

The three recipients are working on a collaborative research project on the city of Montreal and sustainable development, with a specific focus on the transportation system, food, and the connections between city and province.

The Power Corporation of Canada Award was established in 2003, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Power Corporation of Canada, to enhance the experience of students enrolled in Master of Architecture programs at Canadian universities, and to develop links between the CCA and the architectural community in Montreal and across Canada. A total of 15 students over a six-year period will receive the Power Corporation of Canada Award.

Recipients benefit from the vast resources of the CCA Library and the institution’s unique collection of prints and drawings, photographs, and architectural archives, which offer a wealth of material for original research in the practice and theory of architecture throughout its history.

For further information about the Power Corporation of Canada Award at the CCA or its terms of eligibility, please visit www.cca.qc.ca/PowerCorporationofCanada