2002 Governor General’s Medals for Architecture: Addition, Albert Thornbrough Building, College of Physical and Engineering Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

Teeple Architects Inc.

A new information technology centre links two existing structures on the campus while also forming new public courtyard spaces. Located at the intersection of two major walks, the new facility creates three urban spaces of significance on the campus and accommodates an increased student enrolment at the faculties of Engineering and Computer Science. The courts take on the character of the buildings adjacent to create a variegated building with no overall single image. The addition includes a 100-seat lecture theatre, large computer teaching labs, research labs, faculty and graduate offices and classrooms that feature multimedia teaching aids. State-of-the-art access floors act as both cabling chase and supply air plenum for the computer labs. Materials and sustainable design features include sun shading, underfloor duct plenums, exposed interior structure, translucent glazing, natural finishes and innovative green mechanical systems.