Over 20,000 Green Buildings Now Registered On B.C. Map

British Columbia’s green building industry is growing by leaps and bounds. On August 21st, the non-profit Pembina Institute released a comprehensive update to the British Columbia Green Buildings Map, an interactive resource that quantifies jobs in the industry and pinpoints where energy-efficient homes and buildings are located in the province. Our sister publication, Building Magazine, has more:

Pembina Institute Green Building Map, British Columbia
Pembina Institute Green Building Map, British Columbia

The latest research pegs the number of jobs in the green building sector at 31,700 — up from the 23,200 counted when the map launched in 2015, mostly due to growth in larger projects. Meanwhile, the number of green buildings in the province has risen to 20,100, with more than 750 of these built in the last two years. In total, there are now 18,700 green homes and 1,400 large green buildings in the province.

You can find the rest of the story on the Building Magazine site, linked here.