16th International Conference on Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies to take place at the University of Manitoba

Taking place at the University of Manitoba‘s Engineering and Information Technology Complex in Winnipeg from August 10-13, 2015, the 16th International Conference on Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies (NOCMAT) is a leading forum where scholars, governmental and non-governmental agencies, practitioners exchange innovations of low-energy cement technologies, new materials and systems, and innovative material/structural technologies such as bamboo, natural fibres, etc. towards cost-effective, durable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable construction. The development of innovative, non-conventional materials and technologies will also provide a significant role in eradication of poverty, creation of jobs, formation of global partnership for economic progress and social stability.

Non-conventional materials and technologies encapsulate innovation and sustainable use of novel technologies and innovative uses of more established materials. Many non-conventional materials in the 21st century have their roots in traditional vernacular construction, including earth (unfired clay), lime and natural plant based materials, such as bamboo, straw and reeds. For traditional materials and techniques to meet modern demands of construction, cost and performance requires further development, innovative solutions and systematic scientific research. Meanwhile materials of the industrial age, including steel and concrete, must also deliver more sustainable solutions. Innovations include manufacturing processes, lower-carbon materials, greater reuse of components on end use, greater recycling of materials, reduced waste, multi-span life-cycle design, and more prefabrication of components and buildings.

Keynote lectures, technical sessions, workshops, and tours of such groundbreaking projects as the Manitoba Hydro building and the Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology are on offer, along with a variety of social and networking events.

For more information and to register, please visit http://umanitoba.ca/conferences/nocmat2015/