14 Montreal architects imagine the city’s future

For the MTL+ exhibition, Pelletier de Fontenay imagined the creation of new spaces reserved for nature in the centre of the city.

A permanent exhibition at Montreal’s Biosphere—with accompanying videos now available online—presents visions of Montreal’s future by 14 of the city’s leading architects and designers.

Produced by Kollectif in collaboration with the Biosphere environmental museum, MTL+ asked 14 architects to imagine what the city would be like in 50 years. The architects and designers were asked in particular to reimagine the city’s core infrastructure. The approaches range from philosophical ideas to technically rigorous proposals, reflecting a range of architectural thought.

Kollectif, who produced 14 videos featuring the creators behind each of the proposals, is now releasing those videos online. The videos are presented in English and French as part of the museum exhibition. The French version can be viewed on Kollectif’s website.

The participating designers included PARA-SOL, Catalyse Urbaine, Affleck de la Riva, Architecture Microclimat, Pelletier de Fontenay, Atelier Big City, Civiliti, Studio Jean Verville, Consortium Vert L’avenir, Atelier Barda, Collectif Escargo, Nós, Lupien + Matteau, and T B A.

Their ideas include an immense marsh for cleaning the city’s greywater, a new waterside promenade, and digital-free leisure zones next to subway stations.

“In organizing this exhibition, the Biosphere hopes that visitors will return home with the impression that society is capable—through its power of imagining the future—of creating spaces for life that are more ecologically responsible,” writes Kollectif.