10th anniversary of Les Jardins de Mtis/Reford Gardens International Garden Festival

The International Garden Festival at Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an ambitious program of colourful gardens by leading international designers and a series of festive events presented through October in Montreal, Toronto and Grand-Métis, Quebec.


Suspended gardens, a pyramid made of hay, subterranean gardens in a kaleidoscope of colours, a semi-transparent green cube and thousands of blue sticks are part of the festive gardens chosen for the 10th edition of the International Garden Festival. Last December, an international jury selected new teams to create six of the 18 gardens presented at this year’s 10th anniversary edition. More than 125 proposals were received from artists, architects, designers and landscape architects from 17 countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland.


The six new gardens featured this year by teams of landscape architects, architects, designers and artists are: Dymaxion Sleep by Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell (Toronto); Deborah Nagan’s (London, UK) 10-shed installation; forest.SQUARE.sky. by Suresh Perera (Montreal); Seedling by Mateo Pinto, Carolina Cisneros and Victoria Marshall (New York); Hayground by Craig Verzone, Cristina Woods and Dragos Ivanet (Rougemont, Switzerland); and HAHA! – a collaboration between spmb_projects (Eduardo Aquino and Karen Shanski from São Paulo/Manitoba), Ralf Glor and Matt Baker (Winnipeg), and Martin Gagnon (Montreal).

The jury for the 2009 edition was headed by Sweden-based Monika Gora, landscape architect and artist. Other jurors include London-based Scott Burnham, creative strategist, lecturer and curator specializing in design innovation; Montreal-based Claude Cormier, landscape architect and urban designer; Toronto-based Rachel Gotlieb, design historian, author and journalist; Alexander Reford, director of Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens and founder of the Festival; and Montreal-based Emmanuelle Vieira, artistic director of the International Garden Festival and design author.

 Eleven gardens that were featured last year will be revisited and reinvigorated for the 10th anniversary edition. The individuals and teams responsible for these gardens are: Angela Iarocci, Claire Ironside and David Ross (Montreal and Toronto); Atelier le balto (France and Germany); Stoss Landscape Urbanism (United States); Hal Ingberg (Montreal); Cédule 40 (Julien Boily, Sonia Boudreau, Étienne Boulanger and Noémie Payant-Hébert) from Chicoutimi; Doug Moffat and Steve Bates (Montreal); NIP paysage (Mathieu Casavant, France Cormier, Josée Labelle, Michel Langevin and Mélanie Mignault) from Montreal; Andrea Legge, Deborah Lewis and Murray Legge (New York City and Austin, Texas); Rita (Karine Corbeil and Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard) from Montreal; A4 (Claudia Delisle, Karine Dieujuste, Philippe Nolet and Sami Tannoury) from Montreal; and Francesca Moretti, Federico Brancalion, Rodolfo Roncella and Mirando Di Prinzio (Italy).

Ten years after its first presentation as part of the inaugural edition of the Festival in 2000, the iconic Blue Stick Garden by Montreal designers Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagistes returns as a permanent installation. Widely published around the world after its initial presention, the Blue Stick Garden was also presented at Canada Blooms in Toronto (2002), Hestercombe Gardens in England (2004), and Flora International Montréal (2006). Its return demonstrates how the Festival and its gardens can both evolve and travel – and be replanted for another edition – a fitting symbol of the success of the first decade of the Festival and an invitation to continue the creative process for the next ten years.

The International Garden Festival opened on June 27 and runs until October 4, 2009.

For more information, please visit www.jardinsdemetis.com.