010 HOUSE exhibition in Winnipeg

A custom-designed house is a spatial form/embodiment of a “living” (habitual practices, ambitions and desires). Beyond the apparent styles and materials, one can trace the crossings of the occupant’s characteristics, the designer’s (spatial) interpretations, and the site’s material and environmental conditions and challenges. 010 HOUSE exhibits a selection of house designs by Winnipeg-based design practices.

Through drawings, photographs and models, this exhibition opens on July 31, 2013 at MAKE, and features how these practices have nuanced the client/family’s specific way of living, and their often demanding needs and desires, in their house design. The exhibition is also intended to provoke a series of discussions/reflections on house designs in Winnipeg and our living conditions today.

Confirmed contributors include: 5468796 Architecture, 1×1 Architecture, DIN Projects, DPA, H5A, PSA, Pike Projects, spmb/BLDG, Sputnik Architecture, and STUFF.

MAKE is a retail and café venue located at 751 Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg. They are interested in facilitating opportunities to promote design culture to interface with various communities and constituents.

For more information, please visit http://stuffgroup.net/makecoffee/wp/010_house/ and www.facebook.com/events/136859903182230/.