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ZAS Architects unveils design for U of T’s new Learning Landscape

ZAS Architects, in collaboration with CEBRA Architecture, has unveiled the design for a new student-centred learning and support hub at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC).According to the developers, the new facility - Instructional Centre Phase 2 (IC-2) - is a dynamic learning landscape that promotes agile and asynchronous…
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Evan Spence is an architect, set designer and humorist based in Calgary. More of his work can be seen at
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Gusto 501, Toronto, Ontario

Ever since the arrival of COVID-19, every restaurant reliant on table service has had to close or reinvent itself by finding new ways to encourage people to pick up dinner as they would a bag of groceries. Survival mode is particularly stark at Gusto 501, which opened in Toronto’s east end just weeks before lockdown hit the city in late…
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