Laura St. Pierre: Urban Vernacular

DatesMarch 1-29 2013
CitySaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
LocationAKA Gallery
Main BodyUrban Vernacular is an ongoing project that imagines a series of cobbled together dwellings located on the fringes of urban spaces. Plastic bags, deli containers, Styrofoam packaging – the detritus of consumer culture – become construction materials, tenuously assembled and decorated by an unseen hand. The sculptural constructions are installed in urban “junkscapes” and photographed. The end result is a large-format, panoramic print that draws on the pictorial and the haptic, the photographic and the sculptural, the handmade and the digital, to reflect an interdisciplinary approach to image-making. Laura St. Pierre will produce a billboard image that presents a unique opportunity to bring her photographic work into public space, where the sculptural constructions originate. The references to advertising, or more specifically real estate advertising, that would result from placing the work in this context will be very engaging. St. Pierre will be employing the gallery space as a studio within which she’ll arrange and photograph various urban detritus for the image that will be exhibited on AKA's billboard.
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